The Rudiments of starting a Business in Today’s Economy

By Sarah M. Asio, Texas Tech University. Hard economic times! There is a common notion today that the economic times are hard and breaking even is difficult, if not impossible, for the average entrepreneurial initiative. As if finding a job was not already tough for the new graduate, getting started on a business venture is even […]



Leadership Actions and Style

By Lukasz Mazur, UNC School of Medicine. Implementing change  in healthcare is usually more than just a technical challenge; it is also a change management challenge.  Thus, it requires strong leadership. However, what kind of leadership? At the organizational level, healthcare researchers show that leadership actions and style have contributed to rigid divisions of labor […]

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Human Factors in Hospital Facility Design

By Prithima Mosaly: Human factors is defined as the study of human beings and their interaction with products, environments, and equipment in performing tasks and activities. Human factors in healthcare facility design, is one of the aspects of improving human interaction with the system. It has a two-fold advantage, influence patients’ satisfaction and safety; health-care […]


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New tools to deal with complex problem domain

With the exponential increase in technology and the emerging complex problem domain characteristic of the 21st century, engineers, managers, decision makers and other professionals are frequently faced with the challenge of making decisions at various levels of their systems. The complex problem domain is marked by (1) increasing complexity, (2) excessive information, (3) ambiguity, (4) […]


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Mexico, can’t wait to return!

I enjoyed my time in Mexico and hope everyone has a chance to visit. A few photos of my experiences in this wonderful culture. I have tons more so if you are interested let me know.  Charlene Marisol

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Overall impression of GDL Industry

My overall impression of the business visits we participated in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico would definitely be categorized as favorable, top notch, informative and very enlightening!  Our tours included Corona, Continental Automotive, Tequila Express (Herradura Hacienda), HP & IBM.  The assigned daily posts/blogs on each of these industries describes them very well and I do not […]

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IBM and a free afternoon before our return to the U.S.

On the Tuesday before we left for the good ol’ USA we ventured to IBM for 9:00 am. We had to sign in after entering the gate into the facility or campus as the employees called it. The lavish campus was very large around 260,000 square meters. It contained soccer fields, tennis courts, a gym, […]



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