About SEMS

The Society for Engineering and Management Systems (SEMS) is the society within the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) that particularly supports IIE members as they seek to advance the state of engineering management practice and research. Besides advanced engineering skills, SEMS stimulates discussion and knowledge exchange related to management domains that are critical to advance your career, whether as an academic or a practitioner.


Research, develop, and promote engineering and management systems that support organizational transformation, increase competitiveness, and improve sustainability and social responsibility.

Products and Services for SEMS Members

Industrial Management – Official bi-monthly publication of SEMS that highlights best practice case studies and illuminates trends in engineering and management systems.

Newsletter – Bi-monthly electronic update of SEMS’ ongoing initiatives, announcements of events, selected content from conferences, and membership spotlights.

Webinars – One-hour tutorials and/or best practice case studies from leading experts

Conferences – Opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking with peers

  • Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference – Engineering Management Track
  • Applied Solutions Conference – Engineering Management Track
  • Enterprise Transformation Conference

Blog – Interactive discussions with recognized thought leaders on various engineering management topics

Website – Selected knowledge and content (papers, presentations, case studies, reference lists) from SEMS-sponsored conferences

Engineering Management Certificate Program – Educational program that provides you the basic management skills necessary for leading technical teams, departments, and organizations.

Awards and Recognition

SEMS Management Award – Recognizes a SEMS/IIE member who is distinguished in the practice of management and industrial engineering.

ISERC Engineering Management Track Best Paper Competition – Recognizes excellence in research on Engineering and Management Systems.

ISERC Engineering Management Track Student Best Paper Competition – Recognizes excellence among student contributions that demonstrate the use of management and industrial engineering.

Organization and Leadership

SEMS Officers
President: Wiljeana Glover, wjglover@babson.edu
President-Elect: Suzanna “Suzie” Long, longsuz@mst.edu
Past-President: Michele Dekelbaum, mdekelba@ppmh.org

SEMS Board of Directors
Alexandra Medina-Borja, alexandra.medinaborja@upr.edu
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, sreeekan@us.ibm.com
Cecilia Martínez León, cmartinez@clarkson.edu
Brian K. Smith, smithbrian@mst.edu
Edson Pinheiro de Lima, e.pinheiro@pucpr.br
Chinweike Eseonu, chinweike.eseonu@oregonstate.edu
Edward A. Pohl, epohl@uark.edu

Helmut Welke, welkehelmuta@johndeere.com


Student committee: Cecilia Martínez León, cmartinez@clarkson.edu
International committee: Edward A. Pohl, epohl@uark.edu
Newsletter committee: Brian K. Smith, smithbrian@mst.edu

General Membership Services
Charlene Yauch, yauch@msoe.edu

Website and Blog
Chinweike “Chin” Eseonu, chinweike.eseonu@oregonstate.edu

Volunteer Opportunities

Several important value-added SEMS initiatives are underway, and we need your time and expertise as a volunteer to make things happen. Feel free to contact the SEMS Past-President (Eileen Van Aken) for more information!


Sign up online at www.iienet.org/myiie and select “Update your member record.”